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  • Duck Breast 7-8oz, FZ **ONLINE ONLY**-finsathome
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Natural Duck Breast 7-8oz, FZ

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7-8oz each, 4 per pack, frozen

Many people don't know that you treat a duck breast more like a steak than a breast of chicken. Meaning you want to cook the breast to medium - rare to medium at most for a nice tender and succulent result
                                                                                        -Country Grocer


To Thaw

Defrost the frozen breasts overnight in the fridge

To Prepare

Place breast skin side down on the cutting board and trim all the excess skin from the breast. Trim all of the skin so that you can't see any from above

Now flip the breast and with a sharp knife, score the skin every 1/2" on the diagonal

Make another set of scores the opposite direction making a criss-cross pattern. The cuts should be almost all the way through the skin, but not into the flesh

Preheat oven to 350 F

Preheat a medium oven proof pan on medium heat. Season the duck on both sides with coarse salt and pepper and place the breast skin side down into the preheated pan. You don't need any oil as the fat will render right out of the duck skin

Roast the breast until the skin is a deep golden colour (about 5 minutes) and then flip

Right after flipping, place the whole pan into the oven and roast for 15-20 minuts or until the internal temperature is 135 F for medium rare or 145 F for medium

Once cooked to desired temperature, remove from oven and rest the breast in a warm place for 5 minutes before cutting into it