New! Langostino Meat, FZ-finsathome

New! Langostino Meat, FZ

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1 LB pack, Frozen

Recipe ready, cooked, peeled and deveined Langostino Lobster

Remarkably versatile, their flavorful pink meat performs beautifully in just about any application! Langostino lobster meat fits well in bites, salads, wraps, pastas, seafood casseroles, and soups

Beat the heat with langostino lobster ceviche this summer! No need to turn on the oven for this one

To Prepare

Keep frozen at 0 F or below until ready to use

To thaw: place in colander to let glaze drain off product, remove all packaging and refrigerate below 38 F for 8-10 hours or overnight

Quick thaw: put in colander under cold running water