Berkshire Pork Tomahawk 10-12oz each, 1 PC - Frozen-finsathome

Berkshire Pork Tomahawk 10-12oz each, 1 PC - Frozen

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Pork Tomahawk 10-12oz each, 1 Per Pack, Frozen

Snake River Farms Kurobuta pork is considered to be the pork equivalent of Wagyu or Kobe beef. Created from the Berkshire pig, Kurobuta is a heritage pork that comes from Japan. It's world-renowed for its hefty fat content and exceptional tenderness, which gives traditionally tough cuts of pork a major texture upgrade. This gourmet pork is also much more flavourful than your traditional grocery store variety, making it a must-try this holiday season! 

At Snake River Farms, only 100% purebred Berkshire hogs are used as mandated by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture. Product is all-natural with no added hormones and grown in small family farms.