Squid Ring & Tentacle, 9oz Pack, FZ **ONLINE ONLY**-finsathome

Squid Ring & Tentacle, 9oz Pack, FZ **ONLINE ONLY**

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9oz, per pack IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)

We love to eat fried squid (also known as calamari) that is light, crispy, tender, and above all flavourful! Check out our To Prepare tab for some frying tips! 


To Prepare

Frying Calamari Tips:

Open squid pouch and place contents in a strainer that has been placed over a bowl to catch the excess flour. Pour in the seasoned flour and shake the strainer until all the calamari is evenly coated with seasoned flour. 

Hot clean oil minimum 350 F.

Do not overcrowd deep fryer (this will cause rapid temperature drop and may cause your dusting to fall off).

Listen to the squid - when the calamari first enters the oil it will sound like rain drops hitting the roof in a heavy downpour. When it no longer sounds like a storm but instead more like a rain shower (65-75 seconds), this is when it needs to be lifted out of the oil.

Place in a small bowl lined with paper towel to clear away any excess oil. 

Season, taste, plate!