Fin's Facts


What do the #s mean? Example 6-9 crab refers to how many pieces are in 10lb case. The smaller the number, the larger the crab pieces will be. Since most people do not order a full 10lb case, you might see something like 1 crab legs, or 1 full leg plus a smaller piece, in a 1lb box, depending on the size of crab you order. 

Starcut crab is scored along the side of the shell, so that the meat is not cut but it is easy to open without any special tools.


What do the #’s mean? Example 26-30 refers to how many pieces per lb, the smaller the number the bigger the shrimp

P&D – Peeled & Deveined

BT – Black Tiger

WT – White

IQF – Individually Quick Frozen



What do the #’s mean? Example U10, 10/20, 20/30 refers to how many pieces per lb, the smaller the number the bigger the scallop. U10 refers to “Under 10 per lb”

Dry Scallops – dry scallops are natural and untreated. Perfect for searing

Wet Scallops – treated with chemical, STP (sodium tripolyphosphate). Not for searing and will shrink in the pan

NFAS – Not Frozen at Sea

FAS – Frozen at Sea

Fin’s sell a variety of scallops online and in our store


Lobster Tails

What do the #’s mean? Example 3-4, 4-5, 7, 8, etc. refers to the approx. weight per tail in ounces, the smaller the number the smaller the tail.

Atlantic versus Rock

  • Atlantic tails (cold water) come from Canadian or US waters, they have a thicker shell and are believed to be sweeter in flavor
  • Rock Tails (warm water) come from Caribbean waters (Cuba, Dominican, Haiti, etc.), they have a thinner shell and a higher ratio of meat to shell than Atlantic

Is Bigger better?

  • Lobster tails come in varying sizes, the smaller tails tend to be more tender than large


What is the difference between AA and AAA? Learn more about beef grading here


Quality & Sustainability

At Fin’s we pride ourselves in maintaining strict food safety standards and offering sustainable protein options. We only purchase fish from federally regulated facilities. We are also a proud partner with Oceanwise, a Vancouver Aquarium Initiative that recommends the most sustainable seafood options. 

A note from our General Manager: 

We are closely following Alberta Health Services recommendations and continue our ongoing commitment to food safety. At Fin’s we pride ourselves in maintaining strict food safety and hygiene standards. 

Our organization is fully compliant with hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) standards. Additionally our facility follows SQF (Safe Quality Food) guidelines, which is a Global standard for processing. We have a strict food safety enhancement program in place, ensuring top quality in all of our products and retail store. 

Take care of yourselves and your community, wash your hands, and keep good food on your table. 

Thank you for your support, 

Scott Wagner

General Manager, Fin’s Select Meats and Seafood