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Fin’s Select Meats and Seafood

Black Tiger Shimp 6-8 CT ONLINE ONLY**

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2LB frozen packs of 6-8CT Black Tiger Shrimp P&D with tails on. A sweet and bold taste, Black Tiger Shrimp have a great firm texture.

To Prepare

To defrost, leave in the fridge overnight or run the sealed pack under cold water for 15-20 minutes until thawed. 

Once defrosted, saute or grill for about 10 minutes until firm and opaque. For shrimp cocktail - boil for about 8 minutes until fully cooked, then cool immediately in an ice bath. Drain and serve.

Fin's Facts

What do the #’s mean? Example 26-30 refers to how many pieces per lb, the smaller the number the bigger the shrimp

P&D – Peeled & Deveined

BT – Black Tiger

WT – White

IQF – Individually Quick Frozen