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Lobster Bisque Soup, 4 LB Pouch, Frozen ❄️

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This rich, creamy lobster bisque is made with white wine and red peppers

Fully prepared saving you time and labour! 

Ability to boil in the bag, consistent taste and appearance every time!

4 LB Pouch, Frozen

To Prepare

This product has not been fully cooked before freezing. 

Carefully follow the recommended cooking directions to assure complete cooking. 

1. From a frozen or thawed state, immerse pouch in boiling water

2. Heat product until 180 F 

3. Using a ladle or insulated gloves, remove pouch from water

4. Open Pouch: Make a cut with a knife near top of pouch. Carefully pour into steam table insert or holding kettle. Do not add water or milk


Serving Ideas:

-Garnish with a generous layer of jumbo lump crabmeat dusted with fresh parsley

-Accent soup with a light drizzle of creme fraiche to create a stunning spider web design

-Top soup with a rich tarragon flan with a single tarragon sprig and detailed in colourful dots and drizzles of paprika butter

-For a delicious Seafood Pasta, toss seafood ravioli with Lobster Bisque and finish with shredded Parmesan cheese