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Fin's Select Meats and Seafood

**HOT DEAL**Red Deep Sea Crab Clusters, 1 LB, FZ

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Fully cooked and brine dipped then blast frozen (ready-to-eat)

Intended to be thawed and served cold or heated and served warm

100% all natural, wild caught in the cold deep waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean (sustainably caught and responsibly harvested)

Red Deep Sea Crab meat is snowy white in colour, with a sweet and slightly salty flavor and tender texture. Crab is a healthy seafood option - an excellent source of protein and low in fat.

Approx. 1 LB

To Prepare

Keep frozen until ready to use. Do not refreeze thawed product. Once thawed, store in refrigerator and use within two days. 

Overnight Thaw: Place bag on a leak proof dish and thaw in refrigerator overnight

Serve with melted butter, squeezed lemon juice or your favourite cocktail sauce!