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Fin’s Select Meats and Seafood

Red King Crab Leg 14-17 - 1LB pack (approx. 2 legs)❄️

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Approx 2 Legs Per LB 

Frozen pack of Red King Crab from the Bering Sea waters, these are a 14-17 size which means in a 10lb box there would be 14-17 legs, each leg is approx. 10oz

To Prepare

Cook from frozen. Steam, boil or grill for 10 minutes, or until fully warmed. Product is fully pre-cooked.

Starcut: This product does not require special tools to open, legs are scored for easier access at meal time.

Fin's Facts

What do the #s mean? Example 6-9 crab refers to how many pieces are in 10lb case. The smaller the number, the larger the crab pieces will be. Since most people do not order a full 10lb case, you might see something like 1 crab legs, or 1 full leg plus a smaller piece, in a 1lb box, depending on the size of crab you order. 

Starcut crab is scored along the side of the shell, so that the meat is not cut but it is easy to open without any special tools.